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sigcares_logoToday was a blessed day for some of Atlanta’s homeless population. With the weather predicted to plummet to the vicinity of freezing tonight, we distributed meals and blankets to nearly one hundred persons who were grateful for the food, the blankets, the water, and the apple juice. One of the stakeholders new to this outreach said she had never seen anything like this: she was moved to compassion and wanted to help them. We would like to challenge communities to consider what you can do to reach out and touch someone in need. We are all able to plant seeds of kindness. Where will you plant your seeds of kindness?

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On Thursday evening, November 21st, we hosted an evening of Thanksgiving Desserts with Jazz for our patients, residents, and their families. The dietary team provided a spread of delectable desserts in each dining area and in the Lobby. One of our pastoral volunteer chaplains, Minister Sharon Chapman, supplied the live vocal jazz music in the Lobby along with her musical family and friends providing the instrumental jazz keyboard, tenor saxophone, bass guitar, and percussion. We had an enjoyable time of celebration in this season of giving thanks for so many of our families and our blessings.

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On Friday, November 1st, we hosted our annual Hall of Fame Celebration. We inducted four residents: Mary Hood, Perry Rogers, Erskine Hart, and Jacqueline Ross. We honored two faithful stakeholders: Carlene Gates and Patricia Taylor. We also acknowleged one of our spiritual volunteers from the community, Paxton Lines. Biographical homages are now mounted on the wall in our Hall of Fame Cafe. See the Hall of Fame tab on our website for previous inductees.

The Signature HealthCARE of Buckhead team held a Breast Cancer Awareness fund raiser on October 30, 2013 for our local chapter of the Susan G. Komen® Breast Cancer Foundation. Our Social Services Department and Transitional Care Nurse led the way and championed the cause. We sold pink tee shirts and baked cookies to raise funds. Stakeholders could wear jeans with their pink tee shirts twice in the month of October for a contribution to the cause. We were able to raise more than 650 dollars for the cause! Plans are underway to design our own tee shirts for next year’s fundraiser. To see more about the Susan G. Komen® Foundation click on the links below:



On Thursday, October 24, we held our annual Autumn Memorial Service.

Family members, staff, and residents shared about loved ones who have passed. We used memorial stones to hold, remember, and release in a bowl of water as a symbol of our letting go and entrusting our loved ones into the care of God. We asked God to lift us from despair and sorrow and to replace our fears with God’s love…to transform our lives in the days we have remaining until the day we see God face to face.

Some of the things that help us in our grief:

  • A memorial service like this…a special time set aside to remember…
  • Creating a space in our home with pictures and memories.
  • Writing a letter to our loved one…”If you could see me now, this is what you would see”… “If I could say one more thing to you this is what I would say.”

If you are grieving and you would like to talk with a chaplain, please call me. 404.351.6041

~Chaplain Nancy Penton, M. Div., BCC, Director of Spirituality

When Aaron McIntosh arrived at Signature HealthCARE of Buckhead, he was in the fourth phase of heart failure and could barely lift his legs.  Some of his doctors told him he wasn’t going to make it.

The staff believed in him.  ”Part of our job was to help Aaron believe that he could get there,” said Shannan King, Occupational Therapy Assistant.

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Ballet reaches the hearts of a variety of ages. This neighborhood ballet class is an after-school and pre-school ministry of Christ Church in our neighborhood.

The teacher shared her favorite verses about the love of God. The dancers performed for our patients and residents Wednesday afternoon, July 19th to the delight of all who attended and passed by. The performance demonstrated the seasons of the year with classical music accompaniment in our front lobby.

Signature HealthCARE of Buckhead Excelerated CARE cheered the participants in the Peachtree Road Race this morning. We loaded up the van and traveled to a parking lot at the top of the hill to view the festivities. We sang patriotic songs and waved American flags as we congratulated the participants who were returning with their tee shirts.

Our Certified Nursing Assistants offer wonderful customer service and care faithfully, 24 hours a day, every day.

We held an essay contest ‘Why I Chose to Become a CNA’ and honored four contest winners. Our Dietary Department served a meal at the change of shift between days and evenings and the night shift received a meal as well.

We appreciate our wonderful CNAs!

On Thursday, May 2, 2013, we celebrated an Interfaith National Day of Prayer.

We opened the National Day of Prayer with a little history of the event. One of our stakeholders read the Presidential Proclamation of the National Day of Prayer for 2013. We invited participants from various faith groups in our building to lead us in prayer in one of 7 areas: Government, Faith Groups, Military, Family, Education, Media, and Business.

Two residents and one post-acute patient lead in prayer. Several stakeholders led in prayer. We had prayers from Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam, as well as Christian prayers. We sang ‘America the Beautiful’ and ‘God Bless America.’

It was a beautiful time of uniting our hearts to pray for our country.

– Rev. Nancy Penton, Director of Spirituality