Signature Cares: Feeding the Homeless

sigcares_logoToday was a blessed day for some of Atlanta’s homeless population. With the weather predicted to plummet to the vicinity of freezing tonight, we distributed meals and blankets to nearly one hundred persons who were grateful for the food, the blankets, the water, and the apple juice. One of the stakeholders new to this outreach said she had never seen anything like this: she was moved to compassion and wanted to help them. We would like to challenge communities to consider what you can do to reach out and touch someone in need. We are all able to plant seeds of kindness. Where will you plant your seeds of kindness?

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History of Signature Cares: In December 2009, it was in Dominic Boyd’s heart to feed the homeless. He wanted his Dietary Department to partner with the Spirituality Department in establishing a community outreach arm of Signature HealthCARE named Signature Cares. When we first started, local churches would pick up food from our kitchen after lunch and take it for their ministries to the homeless.


Later in 2010, we started taking a group of stakeholders to an area of Atlanta near a homeless shelter to distribute hot meals and water or juice. We have continued this monthly outreach, sometimes with hot chocolate and carols at Christmas, and sometimes with a partnership with our Therapy Department who organized a coat drive one year.


We try to take a group of six or seven stakeholders and about eighty meals per trip. It usually takes us 35 minutes to drive to the location, distribute the meals, and drive back to the facility. We know we are planting seeds of compassionate caring as we pray blessings over the food and the recipients.