2017 New Outlook for a New Year

What outlook will we have for the New Year? Will we see it through a positive lens or a negative one? We have the ability to choose our outlook.

I recently watched a documentary highlighting the musical Carter family and their mountain music from the 1930s until the present day. One of the featured tunes with lyrics in the documentary was entitled “Keep on the Sunny Side,” originally written in 1899. You can easily find a recording of the Carters singing it if you search online. Maybe you remember hearing it. The message speaks of a positive attitude and how it will help us in life if we see things with a sunny outlook. We may know some family members or friends who have a positive outlook, who wake up happy, who are upbeat and positive. Positivity can be contagious. We can choose to see things with a gloomy outlook or a sunny outlook. What will we choose?

May this year be a sunny year for us with fewer obstacles and more blessings as we see a brighter side, a sunnier side, of the lengthening days.


Chaplain Nancy