Spring Memorial Service


SHC of Buckhead in partnership with Bristol Hospice hosted a Spring Memorial Service to honor and memorialize the lives of our loved ones and friends today. None of us is ever the same after we lose a loved one. Death leaves a permanent mark on the living. For some of us, we are on the brink of a new search for God, or a new way of seeing God, in light of this loss. You are not alone in your grief. It is important to see our loved one for who they were as a person. We have memories of both good and not so good. No person is perfect. We have had tears and smiles about them.

Some of the things that may help our grieving:

A service like this…a special time set aside to remember

Creating a space in our home with pictures and memories.

Writing a letter to our loved one…If you could see me now, this is what you would see… If I could say one more thing to you this is what I would say…

Thank you to those who attended and those who participated with us. Sincerely, Chaplain Nancy Penton (SHC of Buckhead) and Chaplain Amber Blandford (Bristol Hospice).