Thoughts for June 2016

June is a time to consider vacation options. Summer begins officially on Monday, June 20th and Father’s Day is celebrated the day before this year–Sunday, June 19th. But here in Georgia, summer seems to begin in May when schools dismisses.

The season of summer offers opportunities to get away from the routines of ordinary life, if only for a little while. Families and friends pack up to take trips to see relatives, attend family reunions, celebrate graduations, weddings, and other family gatherings. Travelers take trips to the mountains to delight in cool breezes. Vacationers take trips to beaches or lakes where cool air blows in off of the water. Times of walking along the sun-bathed shoreline and swimming in the water provide refreshing options.

Our elders also look forward to summer activities and times when they will receive visits from traveling friends and vacationing family members. Whether you stay home on a “staycation” or you travel on a vacation, summer is a time to breathe, to pray, to be refreshed, and to feel renewed. Wherever you are, remember to thank God for our elders, for fathers, for families, for friends, for the seasons of life, the heat of the summer months, and opportunities to enjoy the beauty of creation all around us.

Blessings, Chaplain Nancy