Thoughts for March 2017

March this year starts with Ash Wednesday on the 1st, initiating the season of Lent. Christian churches all over the world observe Lenten practices in preparation for celebrating Palm Sunday and Easter, the resurrection Sunday. Lent is a time to make heart preparations in thankfulness to God and focus on setting aside something we would prefer to do or eat in favor of a time of prayer and compassionate work.

March is also the month to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and the wearing of the green in honor of this great Saint of Ireland. One of the prayers attributed to Saint Patrick invites God to be in him, through him, and all around him. You can find it by searching the Breastplate of Saint Patrick.

March is the season for welcoming spring and all of the new life abounding. Enjoy March as a season of prayer and new life—a season of hope.


Chaplain Nancy