Concierge pilot program enhances customer experience

by Ben Adkins

A new concierge program being tested at a handful of Signature HealthCARE’s post-acute buildings is helping to improve the customer experience and retain patient. Purveyors of the program are now combining efforts to formalize processes related to the initiative and lay the groundwork for future expansion.

St. Francis, Four Courts, Marietta and Buckhead have each conducted concierge programs for varying lengths of time. A meeting held this week at Signature’s home office in Louisville provided an opportunity for representatives from the four facilities to gather and merge their ideas.

They developed the program, which I think makes it a better program,” said Kara Plaks, Business Development Leader for Post Acute who is helping to facilitate the effort. “It was developed by people that are doing it every day.”

With a high volume of admissions, the Post Acute division is a logical place to launch the concierge program, which emphasizes the time period just after a patient is admitted. Clinical needs are an immediate focus at the point of admission, but certain other aspects of patient care and comfort can go overlooked.

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